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Center for Women's Health and Health Disparities Research


Our vision is to be a nationally-recognized center for women’s health, health equity, and health disparities research and to prepare scholars for independent academic research careers in interdisciplinary and multifaceted research in health equity and health disparities and women's health.


To improve the health of all women and to reduce health disparities among diverse populations of women.


  • To prepare scholars for interdisciplinary, independent academic research careers in health equity and health disparities.
  • To increase the diversity of academic leaders in the field of women’s health by selecting diverse and talented Scholars and providing them with dual scientific mentorship with established investigators in both biomedical and behavioral/social sciences.
  • To recruit underrepresented minorities into academic research careers.
  • To engage and collaborate with members of the community in addressing women’s health, health equity and health promotion.

Principal Investigator

Deborah Ehrenthal, MD, MPH
Deborah Ehrenthal MD, MPH
Associate Professor Lifecourse Initiative for Healthy Families Endowed Chair

McConnell Hall
1010 Mound Street,
Room 416
Madison, WI 53715

Warf Office Building
Room 1007b
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Madison, WI 53726

Tel: (608) 265-0559

Gloria E. Sarto, MD, PhD
Gloria E. Sarto, MD, PhD
Professor Emeritus

McConnell Hall
Madison, WI 53715

Phone: 608-417-4224