Kali Rivas Resident PGY-3 - UW Obstetrics and Gynecology, Madison WI

Kali Rivas,
Resident PGY-3

Gynecology Clinic
Tel: 608-287-2830
20 S. Park Clinic
Madison, WI 53715

  • Hometown: Madison, WI
  • Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Why UW Ob-Gyn?
    • I did a visiting sub-I at UW as a fourth year medical student, where I saw firsthand how the program provides a great education while fostering a supportive environment. Despite working really hard, the residents seemed happy and to have a good quality of life. I also liked how the program provides a well-rounded education with opportunities in family planning, global health, and all the subspecialties.
  • Best part of UW Ob-Gyn residency?
    • Our program is incredibly friendly and supportive. Our attendings are approachable. As part of our wellness initiative, we have time set aside for team building activities, and even simple daily tasks that become difficult to schedule in residency, like dentist appointments.
  • Advice for medical students looking at residency programs?
    • Pick a field that you love -- in residency you work a lot, which is a lot easier when you love what you are doing.