Battling Burnout: Kushner discusses physician wellness on UW Ob-Gyn podcast

Battling Burnout

UW Ob-Gyn’s resident expert on physician burnout and gynecologic oncologist David Kushner, MD, is the guest on the April episode of the Women’s Healthcast, the podcast produced by the UW Department of Ob-Gyn.

Did you know that in 2018, ob-gyns reported the fourth-highest rate of burnout among all medical specialties? On Battling Burnout: A Conversation on Physician Wellness, Kushner discusses why surgical specialties (like obstetrics and gynecology) tend to rank higher in burnout studies, how burnout affects healthcare at every level of the system, and what needs to change to fix the problem.

The Women’s Healthcast is available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or anywhere else you like to get your podcasts. Catch up on past episodes! In March, Jake Lauer, MD talked about new projects to fight HPV at UW Health. Kristen Sharp, MD, played Pregnancy True or False in February. And Deborah Ehrenthal, MD, MPH, discussed Wisconsin’s infant mortality statistics on the first-ever episode in January.