Heidi W. Brown, MD, of the UW Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the UW Health Women's Pelvic Wellness Program says one in five US adults suffers from accidental bowel leakage (ABL), the loss of solid or liquid stool from the rectum. So why isn’t anybody talking about it?

"Talking about our bowels can be embarrassing," Brown says. "So many of us avoid it."

Brown says physicians are beginning to use the term "accidental bowel leakage" to replace a previously used medical term that many people with ABL don’t recognize or identify with. And there is a lot to talk about, as a range of solutions for ABL are continuing to emerge.

Brown recently contributed an editorial on ABL to a USA Today/Mediaplanet insert on digestive health, published in several major metropolitan areas on Friday, December 12. To find out more about symptoms and treatments for ABL, look for the insert online or in print.

Brown also contributes to ABLinfo.org, a non-profit website dedicated to providing facts and tips for living well with ABL.

Also, see UWhealth.org news for more about Brown, her practice, and solutions for ABL.


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