After discussions with early-career clinician-scientists, UW Ob-Gyn leadership identified a need to provide opportunities for early-career researchers to learn more about the key steps involved in conducting clinical research. Because of clinical responsibilities that compete with research interests, early-career clinical researchers are often unsure where to start, whom to go to for support, and how to find time to do research. The UW Ob-Gyn Early-Career Clinical Research Group allows newer investigators to capitalize on insights and experience from their senior colleagues, and one another.

  • Deliver a strong curriculum to clinicians that will cover the essential topics related to clinical research
  • Provide an opportunity for clinicians across all divisions to meet, share ideas, ask questions and obtain overall peer support from each other
  • Provide an opportunity to share lessons learned from more experienced peers and to foster the growth of new investigators
  • Obtain feedback from early-career clinical researchers on other ways in which the department could support clinical research

The Early-Career Clinical Research Group is comprised of individuals who are either interested in participating in clinical research or have some experience, but could benefit from better understanding the process. We hold semi-monthly meetings, each covering a different clinical research topic, such as Health Sciences Institutional Review Board protocol development or human subject recruitment. We also invite more experience clinical researchers to share their success stories and lessons learned. At the end of each session, we reserve time for the group to discuss research ideas and current issues they might be facing. An agenda for each meeting is prepared and distributed ahead of time so participants can decide in advance whether or not a topic is relevant to their research.
Jennifer Heintz

Jennifer Heintz
Clinical Research Manager
McConnell Hall
1010 Mound Street
Madison, WI 53715