Dr. Ian Bird's Grant on Uterine Blood Flow renewed
Published: 1/15/2011

Ian Bird, PhD
Dr Ian Bird’s grant on testing of new classes of drugs to maximize uterine blood flow in diseased pregnancy was just renewed for 5 years, $1.84 million and received a perfect score at 1.0, ranked at 2 % tile, the highest ranked score at this last round of the PN study section. Dr Bird’s team in these studies includes Drs FuXian Yi and Ronald Magness, joined by Pediatrics Scientist, Bikash Pattnaik.

Notable comments verbatim from the summary statement included these laudatory statements:

“The investigative team is superb. Discussion of the application revealed only superlatives for this project that is likely to greatly impact the field and possibly provide exciting new targets to study for the treatment of preeclampsia.”

“…the proposed study will significantly move the field forward, and have a very high potential impact in our understanding of both basic mechanisms of endothelial function and pathophysiology, and the potential treatment of preeclampsia”