Spotlight on Brent Dumermuth, MD
Published: 2/2/2012

Brent Dumermuth, MD
​Brent Dumermuth, MD is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Generalist Division of the Ob/Gyn Department. Brent earned a BS in Kinesiology at UW-Madison and his MD at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Brent was a graduate of our residency program in 2009.

Dr. Dumermuth is Co-Director of the Resident Simulation Lab and spends a considerable amount of time teaching there on Thursday mornings. He is Robotic surgery certified--performs robotic assisted laparoscopic procedures at UW. Notably, he was the first generalist to perform Robotic surgery at UW.

Medicine was not Brent’s first career choice. He wanted to be a veterinarian but it turned out he was allergic to most animals—thus MD was the second best option. Brent was attracted to Ob/Gyn because of the practice mix—office/primary care, some surgery, and deliveries.

Dr. Dumermuth is married to Mindy, lawyer by profession, and now stay at home mom—yet another profession. They have two children, Delaney 3 and Hunter 1.

Brent grew up in northwestern Wisconsin near Minneapolis/St. Paul. His father was Brent’s high school teacher and coach (football, basketball, and track) and his mother is a pharmacist. Brent’s sister is an actress, mostly commercials, and was on Grey’s Anatomy last season.

Dr. Dumeruth enjoys time with his family and visits to their cabin on Lake Wapagassett. He loves everything outdoors—hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, boating, skiing (water, cross country and downhill), and snowshoeing. 'Anytime I can get outside I am happiest.'