Abbott mentors undergraduate researcher
Published: 5/22/2013

David Abott, Ph.D.
Karli Hochstatter, an undergraduate student of Ob-Gyn Research Division Professor Dave Abbott, presented a poster entitled, "Estradiol, and not increased calorie intake, determines sexual behavior in female marmoset monkeys," at UW-Madison’s 15th annual Undergraduate Symposium on April 18th.

"Karli spent many hours observing marmoset monkeys from behind a one-way screen and recording their behavioral actions on a computer," Abbott said. "She then re-scored those findings on digital recordings of the previously live observations as part of our double check on accuracy of recording scores."

Abbott opined that the most interesting aspect of Hochstatter’s study involved the subtle differences in sexual interaction between long-term male-female marmoset partners when the females received estradiol replacement following removal of both ovaries. Hochstatter observed that when female marmosets received estradiol replacement following ovariectomy, they were more receptive to their male partners’ sexual advances than those who did not receive the treatment.

Abbott and Research Specialist Amber Edwards are listed as co-authors of the poster, which is part of a larger study exploring the role of estrogen in regulating weight gain.

Student and faculty contributions to the undergraduate symposium "exemplify the UW-Madison tradition of excellence in scholarship, service, and teaching,” according to a letter from Interim Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning Christopher Olsen to Ob-Gyn Department Chair Laurel Rice."

Hochstatter graduated last weekend.

Congratulations to Karli and thanks to Dave Abbott for carrying the torch of undergraduate education!