Pre-pregnancy Counseling: Hope for Women with Diabetes
Published: 4/14/2009

Deciding whether to become pregnant is a big decision for anyone. For Roanne Imhoff–a woman with type 1 diabetes–the decision was monumental.Although she and her husband, Daniel, wanted to be parents, Imhoff says, “I was paranoid about being pregnant!”

During a visit with her primary care physician, Imhoff–who is an active partner in her own health care–asked for referral for pre-pregnancy counseling. Of the options he provided, she chose Meriter’s Diabetes Clinic solely because it was the closest to her Richland Center home.

She is glad she did, but for many other reasons besides location. Imhoff says everything about the clinic was wonderful.

The clinic staff work as a team, she says, “they have the knowledge and all the latest equipment for screening and testing. They all knew my case and gave me the information I needed to help me have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.”

Just six weeks after that first visit, Roanne was pregnant.

She continued to work with the clinic throughout her pregnancy. She says the clinic staff was exceptional. “April Eddy, RN, MSN, CDE Diabetes Educator was always accessible, and I trusted her completely. Christine Schmidt, RN, Clinic Manager was amazing, too. She even opened the clinic early so I could come for my appointment without missing time at work. This meant I could save my ‘time-off’ for after the baby was born.”

Delaney Mae arrived January 16, 2008 weighing seven pounds and seven ounces. Roanne and Daniel are loving every minute with their healthy, happy baby girl. And, because they had such a successful pregnancy the first time, they are talking about adding to their family in the future.