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In achievement and prestige, the University of Wisconsin- Madison has long been recognized as one of America's great universities. A public, land-grant institution, UW-Madison offers a complete spectrum of liberal arts studies, professional programs and student activities. Many of its programs are hailed as world leaders in instruction, research and public service. Spanning 933 acres along the southern shore of Lake Mendota, the campus is located in the city of Madison.

Comparing measures of quality against cost, UW-Madison ranks as the 15th best value in American public higher education, according to Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison remains the fourth largest research university in the country as measured by the amount of money spent on research and development, according to statistics released this week by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

UW-Madison ranks No. 7 in the nation in the total number of highly competitive Fulbright Scholarships awarded to students. For the 2005-06 year, UW-Madison received 18 Fulbright awards from a total of 62 applications, according to the federal Institute of International Education

The tremendous breadth of academic resources at UW-Madison offers students a wide selection of supporting course work and interdisciplinary opportunities.

Exceptional Academics

The tremendous breadth of academic programs at UW-Madison offers students a wide selection of supporting course work and interdisciplinary opportunities. 157 majors offer master's degrees and 110 majors offer doctorate degrees. More than 30,000 doctorates have been awarded by UW-Madison!

Excellence in Research

UW-Madison ranks as one of the most prolific research universities in the world, placing second among American public universities for research expenditures.

Incredible Campus and Community

The campus rolls along Lake Mendota, with wooded hills and the busy city streets of downtown Madison. Madison is small enough to navigate easily, but with cultural resources and amenities that rival those of cities many times its size. BBC Travel recently listed Madison among a short list of the world’s “great university towns,” alongside Cambridge, England, Valparaiso, Chile, and Uppsala, Sweden, and Kingston, Ontario, and the American Planning Association listed Madison’s Williamson Marquette neighborhood as one of the ten best neighborhoods in the United States. Madison offers natural beauty and urban excitement throughout all four seasons.


UW-Madison is a community that embraces diversity both in the people who live, learn and work here and in the experiences that enrich life in the classroom and beyond. Our students come from every state in the nation and some 120 countries, bringing an abundant mix of life experiences and cultures. The campus provides services and student life programs designed to meet a broad range of student needs and concerns.

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Best College Town

A former Wisconsin governor once described Madison as 89.4 square miles "surrounded by reality," and he was right. What lies within that space, and specifically the 933 acres of the University of Wisconsin campus, is indeed surreal, a little universe in which red and white seem the only allowable colors and the TV ticker on the afternoon of Sept. 11 read airport closed...state capitol closed...no word yet on badgers game. If the question is, What makes a great college town? and the answer is Madison!